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Skin TypeNormal
Country of OriginIndia
🎀 Material: Our cervical massage pad is made of PU material, which is durable, long lasting and cervical massage pad can be used for a long time.
🎀 Self Adhesive: Our unique cervical massage pad is self adhesive and reusable, which is very convenient for you, once it is attached, it is not easy to fall off.
🎀 Comfort: Our lymphatic massage pads have lower impedance, more even current distribution, and no hot spots, so they are more stimulating and comfortable, so you can relieve shoulder and neck pain without feeling uncomfortable.
🎀 Quantity: Massage patches, which will make you do not have to worry about finding replacement patches, it is very convenient, and I believe you will be satisfied.
🎀 Accessories: Our electric massager patch is a replacement accessory for the micro current shoulder and neck massager, so when you use it, it is best to use it with the micro current device.

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