Vga Cable -5Meter male to male 15pin

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VGA Cable the screen of your personal computer on your big television display with the Terabyte 15 PIN MALE TO MALE VGA 5 Meter CABLE. You can playback the stored multimedia collections lying in your desktop or notebook PC on your large television screen. Product description delivers perfect signal transmission a handy add-on to enhance your media viewing experience, the 15 pin male to male VGA cable will serve its purpose with outright perfection. Compatible with pc monitors, TVs, LCDs, LEDs. Built with high-quality materials, the male to male VGA cable provides superior signal transmission. Shielded with premium quality material from inside the cable, it offers distortion-free connectivity too. The adapter cable is resistant to rust and abrasion and offers hassle-free functionality for an extended period of time. Robust, rust- and corrosion-resistant design male to male VGA cable is wrapped in black PVC cable, which provides efficient insulation and also reduces the interference from other signals enabling you to enjoy superior performance at all times. This VGA monitor cable also accommodates three coaxial conductors for RGB signal to amplify image quality and color.

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